Client Services
Our firm offers a wide range of services to our individual and business clients. Being a relatively small firm, we are able to offer our clients personalized quality service. Below, we have listed the services that we offer to our clients along with a brief description.

As the list below is by no means all-inclusive, please feel free to inquire about a service if you do not see it listed.

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Business Services


A solid business plan is essential to a solid business.

When you’re bringing out a new line of products, offering a new service, or even starting an entirely new business, we’ll work with you to create a realistic plan that includes these key elements:

• Executive summary of the major plan points

• Comprehensive description of the business or product

• A focused analysis of the business environment: industry characteristics, trends, market potential, and competition

• A tailored strategic plan that includes key assumptions; long-term goals, with tactics for achieving those goals; and success indicators

• A thorough financial analysis, including a cash flow analysis, pro forma balance sheet, break-even analysis, sales forecast, personnel plan, business ratio analysis, and profit and loss forecast.

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Surprises are for parties. Not for business.

Cash Flow Projections

Our cash flow projection service identifies how and when cash is generated and used. It’s an invaluable tool for overall business planning, and especially when preparing for debt refinancing or business expansion.

Business Modeling

Our business modeling service helps you evaluate existing revenue volume, margins, and costs. Equipped with this type of analysis, you’ll be able to set achievable, measurable targets for profit, growth, and other business goals. Then, based on specified levels of activity, assumptions, and other variables, we can recommend appropriate plans of action for success.

Budget Forecasting:

Budget forecasting is a kind of crystal ball that actually works, providing you with a range of possible future financial activities. With powerful “what if” scenario projections, budgets can be presented in a flexible format that cover a range of potential outcomes. Used properly, budget forecasting can help you take advantage of rising opportunities and take corrective action in advance of approaching problems.

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Accounting Services


Without good books, you can’t know your business.

The foundation of our business is also the foundation of your business: rock-solid, comprehensive accounting. We can handle all your accounting and bookkeeping processes, from basic accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) entry, payment and processing, to the more sophisticated duties of a CFO.

We offer accounting services in scalable, modular packages that fit your needs, meet your demands, and keep your business on the right course. 

Here is a list of accounting services we provide:

• Vendor payments: you send us your vendor bills and we enter them into the accounting software for processing and payment.


    - email notification when payments are due

    - pre-approved scheduling of payments

    - the ability to approve payments right from the email

    - the ability to change payment amount right from the email

    - checks can be sent to you for signature and distribution (in all cases, you are in control of what is approved for payment

 • Invoicing: we will create and send invoices to email to your clients.

• Deposits: we will record deposits from your deposit slips in the accounting software.

• Credit card charges: we will download your credit card activity to the accounting software.

• Reconciliation: we will reconcile your bank accounts and credit cards monthly.

• Payroll: we work with your payroll service provider to ensure that all payroll is properly executed by your provider, and recorded in your accounting software.

• Sales tax compliance: we will prepare your monthly sales tax reports.

• Monthly financial reports:


         - Profit and Loss

         - Balance Sheet

         - Accounts Receivable Statement

         - Accounts Payable Statement

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Modular CFO Services


C-level expertise without the corner office cost.

All good businesses need bookkeepers for day-to-day operations and accountants for tax compliance. But great businesses need something more: the unique knowledge and strategic insight that only a Chief Financial Officer can provide.

For most of our clients, it’s not realistic to have an in-house CFO. That’s why we’ve created the unique ability to provide CFO-level services on a modular, as-needed basis.

As an entrepreneur, you have enough to do managing your business, creating new opportunities, beating your competition, and winning in your particular marketplace. So, by definition, you wear many hats. We can assure you that the CFO hat is not one you want to wear. But we do (and we wear it very well).

We can offer you guidance on financial strategies and business modeling.  We can guide you on properly setting up your initial business and financial structures you won’t have to make significant (and expensive) later on.

Most of all, we’ll function as an objective financial advisor and act as a sounding board on any and all aspects of your business, with the goal of enhancing the profitability, value, and success of your enterprise.

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Corporate Headquarters


Mi oficina es su oficina.

Some folks are house-proud; we’re office-proud. The Rocher Group has world-class business office services, and when you make our offices your virtual corporate office, you’ll have world-class office, too: professional telephone answering, reception services, conference room privileges, and mail delivery.

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Canadian Tax Preparation


Can you be a fan of both the L.A. Kings and the Toronto Maple Leafs? (Yes!)

Mr. Engell lives in Los Angeles, is fully conversant with U.S. tax law and the ways of the IRS, and yet began his career in the land of his birth: O Canada. He is a Canadian Certified General Accountant and is able to assist with Canadian tax returns, Canadian income, and other foreign tax issues. The Rocher Group (pronounced ‘Ro-shay’) is able to assist you with many of the issues facing taxpayers when they are subject to two tax systems.

If you are not a factual resident of Canada or a deemed resident of Canada, then you are considered to be a nonresident of Canada. Nonresidents of Canada only need to pay Canadian income tax in limited circumstances.

Nonresidents are liable for tax in Canada if they:

• Were employed in Canada

• Carried on business in Canada

• Disposed of taxable Canadian property (e.g. Canadian real estate)

If any of these situations apply, you may have a Canadian tax filing requirement:

Nonresidents that earned employment income in Canada must pay Canadian income tax on that employment income. Canadian employment income is subject to a graduated tax, where the rate of tax increases as the employment income received increases.

Nonresidents carrying on business in Canada must file a Canadian tax return. If the nonresident business also has a permanent establishment in Canada, then the nonresident business must pay tax on the profits earned through the Canadian permanent establishment.

Nonresidents that dispose of Canadian real estate are liable for tax in Canada on the profits realized on the disposition/sale of that real estate. 

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QuickBooks Pro Advisor


The agony and the ecstasy...of accounting software.

QuickBooks has become the industry standard for small business accounting. It’s powerful, comprehensive, and nearly universal among accounting professionals, making it pretty much a required tool for businesses to communicate effectively with their accountants.

However! There is a learning curve to QuickBooks which can be a bit steep for most business owners. That’s why, when you’re just getting started with QuickBooks, your best bet is to let a seasoned professional get you started, setting up a chart of accounts, payroll record-keeping, and so on. Take it from a certified QuickBooks trainer and advisor—starting out right will pay you huge dividends immediately.

Once you get QuickBooks set up correctly for your specific business needs, you should also consider some QuickBooks training for yourself or your staff. There’s a wealth of features within QuickBooks that can bring real benefits to your business, and our trainers can give you the one-on-one attention that will help you get the most out of QuickBooks right away.

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Tax Preparation


The only proper (and legal) way to stick it to the man.

We are all in business within a giant, complex economy, and all we want is to be able to compete on a level playing field.

At Rocher Group, we work to make sure the taxes you pay are as low as are legally allowed; in other words, the same as the next guy with a great accountant.

Our trained, skilled and experienced professionals can calculate your tax position to be no more than your fair share. Our tax-compliance services include income, estate, and gift planning—taking into account all federal, multi-state, and local tax codes, and even covering international tax considerations. We monitor IRS regulations and governmental decisions and we keep abreast of all tax laws.

The bottom line: we explore every opportunity to reduce your tax burden, and we aggressively pursue all legitimate, defendable tax deductions. Because it’s only fair.

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Tax Audits


You are not alone.

Most people like getting mail, but when it’s a letter from the IRS, the pulse quickens, the skin grows clammy, and the repeated ostinato of cellos from a certain shark movie starts playing in the background.

Ever been audited by the IRS? Not fun. IRS agents aren’t evil, they’re just doing their job. And their job is to make sure they get every dollar of tax out of you that the Treasury Department deserves (from their perspective).

Our job is to make sure you never get that IRS audit letter in the first place. But if some lightning strike occurs and you do get summoned, we’ll handle it, from beginning to end. You won’t need to be distracted from your business or your personal life, and you won’t have to worry if you can stand up to the IRS. Because we’ll stand up to them for you.

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Tax Consulting/Preparation


The only proper way to stick it to the man, part 2.

Your business does things that bring in money and also does things that cost money. You’re already familiar with most of the costs that hit your bottom line, but there’s a complicated, confusing and ever-changing force out there called TAX LAW which must be dealt with in the smartest way possible if your business is to thrive.

Fortunately, we’re really smart. We’ll develop tax strategies for your business long in advance of deadlines to make sure you achieve maximum tax savings, we’ll represent you before taxing authorities if it’s ever necessary, and we’ll stay on the lookout for new tax-planning opportunities as TAX LAW proliferates and mutates. (After all, remember who creates TAX LAW—politicians.)

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